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Anna Resnick
Math Instructor


California Institute of Technology (B.S. in Computer Science) 

Teaching Experience : 

Anna is a Mindset Coach with a B.S. in Computer Science from Caltech. She has experience organizing and leading teaching groups for K-6 grade students. Anna has also helped organize a Robotics summer camp for 3rd-5th grade students. She interned as a Software Engineer and Product Manager at Facebook, Yelp, and Redfin, and through her experiences working in those companies she discovered the biggest obstacle women like her were all facing: mindset blockers. Anna thus decided to enroll in a rigorous coach training program to become certified as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, with a specialty in Mindset. Now she has a practice where she coaches women in technology, helping them squash their self-doubt and spinning thoughts to find clarity and take empowered action.

Educational Philosophy: 

"I teach from a place of empathy. I believe it is so important to first understand a student’s background, strengths and weaknesses, in order to provide the most effective teaching tools and concepts for that person. I like to build habits and structures that not only benefit the present day, but remain worthwhile in the long-term."

Interesting Fact:

Though Anna has a very analytical background in CS, outside of her professional sphere she spends a lot of time on creative projects — painting, learning the ukulele, updating her food blog, reading philosophy texts, and binging comedy specials. 

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