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Brad Haggadone
English/Language Arts Instructor

Michigan State University (Telecommunications, Information studies, and Media - B.A.)
University of Illinois at Chicago (Communication – M.A.)
University of Texas at Austin (Communication Studies – Ph.D in Progress)

Teaching Experience:
Brad has been teaching since high school when started to pass along his knowledge with sports
to the younger generation. Over the past seven years he has been teaching undergrads at the
University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Texas, and Texas State University on a
number of subjects including Interviewing, Professional communication skills, Persuasion, and
Public speaking.

Teaching Philosophy:
"As a teacher, my primary goal is to help my students develop critical thinking skills. To meet my
goal of thinking critically about communication choices, I focus on relating classroom concepts
to my students’ real lives and asking my students to engage in active learning. When we study
persuasion, I directly relate the ideas to the business world and teach them how to sell products
and sell themselves during interviews. When my students give timed speeches, I do not hold up
cards with how much time is left. I give them an iPad with a timer and explain that their future
boss or client is not going to hold up a sign that says “1 min left,” therefore student should
practice keeping their own time during presentations. I also teach them tricks that I have learn in
my life experience, like how to give a firm hand shake that also protects your hand from getting
crushed by others, my goal is to get them to think about what their non-verbal cues are
communicating to others. When students leave my classroom, I want them to be able to think
critically about the choices that other people overlook."

Interesting fact:
Brad enjoys making furniture out of reclaimed wood and playing competitive kickball.

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