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Camille Andrews
College Admissions Counselor
Math/Science Instructor


Bucknell University (Animal Behavior, B.S.) 

University of Pennsylvania (Veterinary Medicine VMD in progress)

Counseling Experience:

Having gone through both the college admissions and veterinary school admissions processes, Camille hopes to provide current insight into the challenges she has faced and the strategies that have helped her! 


Counseling Philosophy: 

"The most valuable advice that I received when going through my own admissions processes was to be thorough, do not limit myself in my options, and, always remain confident in my abilities. In both interview processes, and through essay writing, one must be genuine in their stories and as counselors, we can come to help the student realize those aspects of their personality or stories that would be best put to paper."

Teaching Experience:

Camille has worked as a tutor for students in the Teaching and Learning Center at Bucknell University for three and a half years. She also had experience as a camp counselor and volunteer reading and writing instructor for underprivileged children in the Dallas area. 

Educational Philosophy:

"In my experience, teaching and tutoring are about bestowing upon a student the tools that they need to to discover the ins and outs of a subject. I aim to help students not only how to solve a problem at hand, but more importantly how to go about solving future similar problems. I hope to instill upon my students the importance of metacognition, so that a subject or test that may seem daunting may be broken down into smaller more attainable steps and series of goals."

Interesting Fact:

Camille studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for a semester during undergrad and have snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef!

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