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Leela Srinivasan
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
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Stanford University (Psychology - BA)
Stanford University (Communication - MA)
University of Texas at Austin, Michener Center for Writers (Creative Writing - MFA; in progress)


Counseling Experience:

Leela has both worked and volunteered in college admissions for several years. When in college, she ran blogs that were intended to demystify the college application process to high school students, with an audience of several thousand readers. She also has experience helping students with applications for graduate school.


Counseling Philosophy:

“I prefer relating to prospective applicants as whole people, not just academic students. I remember high school well, and I know that teenagers have their own desires, motivations, and goals. I take a nonjudgmental stance when counseling, as I believe everyone has an individual and unique path. Further, with a background in psychology, communications, and creative writing, I fully believe in the power of words, conversation, and storytelling for interpersonal connection and well-being. I treat all students with whom I work with respect, maturity, and trust.”

Teaching Experience:

Leela has worked as a teaching assistant for the Symbolic Systems program at Stanford University. She also has experience as a classroom facilitator, tutor, college consultant, and workshop leader.  


Teaching Philosophy:

"With a background in psychology and communication, I believe the key to learning is making information accessible and understandable. I make sure to be approachable and empathetic to every student with whom I work, thinking carefully about how I would like the material to be taught to me if I were in their position. I believe firmly in meeting students where they are at, and I treat them holistically, paying attention to their personal educational goals and learning styles."

Interesting Fact:

Leela once drove from New Jersey to California on a cross-country road trip, passing through twelve states over the course of ten days.

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