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Matthew Vallone
English/Language Arts Instructor
College Admissions Counselor


University of Connecticut (B.A in English and Communication)

Teaching Experience:

Matt taught first year experience classes at Uconn to incoming freshman, as well as worked as an orientation leader on campus. There he developed the interpersonal enthusiasm and skills that he brings to class each day. He taught post secondary success classes to high school students. He attempts to create discussion in class and listen to students needs.

Teaching Philosophy:

“Growing up around educators in my family demonstrated the rewarding nature of the profession. I have developed my own passion and style for helping others achieve their potential. As a counselor, I want students to know I understand, and that I care. I’m here to make this easier for them and i’m here to listen.”

Counseling Experience:

Matt worked  mentoring high school students in low income communities in Connecticut. There he implemented interventions for high risk students. Upon moving to Austin in 2020, Matt has led small groups and taught classes from social skills to English tutoring.

Counseling Philosophy:

“Meeting students where they are at with empathy and patience. Listening to what young people have to say and being the guiding hand on the basketball for students. A college essay and application feel emotionally more daunting than they really are. Acknowledging and understanding the many issues students deal with today can lead to a relationship of understanding, trust, and growth. I see the strengths in students and strive to help them see themselves."

Interesting Fact:

Matt grew up in eastern Connecticut near Boston and is a die hard new york sports fan. He enjoys reading, culture shock, and spirited conversation. He loves his cat named Summer but can’t stand the summer time!

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