Miranda Fisher
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


University of Chicago (English, B.A.)

Counseling Experience: 

Miranda has been counseling students in college admissions for many years at Berkeley² Academy, helping numerous students gain admission to top-tier colleges every year. 


Counseling Philosophy: 

Miranda loves getting to know her students! So much of the high school experience is focused on numbers: GPAs, ranks, test scores. But when you finally start to apply to colleges, the emphasis is on who you are as a person. Miranda feels so honored to get to know her students and help them through this crucial time in their lives! Miranda also really love how she get to help demystify the college admissions process, which is so complicated and confusing.

Teaching Experience: 

Miranda has been teaching test prep and English at Berkeley² Academy since 2011. Many of her students have received perfect or near-perfect scores on SAT and/or ACT under her instruction.


Educational Philosophy: 

"I try to adapt my teaching style depending on the class and the students. It is really important to me that every student feels engaged and is learning in class or in tutoring sessions." 


Interesting Fact: 

Miranda has been playing in rock bands since she was in high school, and currently edits a magazine about rock music. 

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