Nan Sricharoen
College Admissions Counselor
Math/Science Instructor
Nan Sricharoen headshot.jpg


The University of Texas at Austin (B.S. in Kinesiology and Health, Specialization in Medical Fitness and Rehabilitation)


Counseling Experience:

At UT Austin, Nan was the Undergraduate Outreach Committee Chair for the Military and Sports Medicine Interest Group, a student organization at Dell Medical School. In this position, she worked as the liaison between pre-med undergraduate organizations and Dell Medical School mentors and faculty. She mentored undergraduate peers, connected them with strong mentors at Dell Medical School, and consistently provided students with unique hands-on medical experiences in primarily sports-related environments. 

Counseling Experience:

"Each individual is incredibly unique in their personal experiences, backgrounds, interests, and intentions. I believe in embracing your own, unique story in a way that is authentic and true to yourself while showcasing the strengths and qualities that make you the person you are."

Teaching Experience:

At UT Austin, Nan was selected to be a Peer Led Undergraduate Studies (PLUS) Facilitator in her biochemistry course. As a PLUS facilitator, she worked with two other co-facilitators to organize and plan weekly study groups that fellow classmates could attend to continue developing their understanding of class concepts and materials. In this position, she helped plan study group sessions to accommodate a variety of learning styles. These group session activities included anything from interactive activities to worksheets, study guides, flashcards, videos, diagrams, and more. She created a fun, group learning environment for her peers in order for everyone to better understand biochemistry and ultimately be successful in the course. 

Teaching Philosophy: 

"I believe that everyone has a very unique and individual learning style which may even vary depending on the subject. My goal as an instructor is to understand and prioritize these specific needs in order to best support the student in their academic endeavors. Understanding yourself and your learning style is a precondition to developing the study habits, strategies, and skills that will work best for you. My intent is to guide students in figuring out what works best for them so they can be successful learners both in and out of the classroom."

Interesting Fact:

Nan is an avid horseback rider and has competed with the UT Equestrian Team during her time in college. She continues to ride in the hunter/jumper discipline and competes at the local Central Texas show circuits.