Nat Zingg
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
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Yale University (Literature, B.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (Comparative Literature, M.A.)

Counseling Experience:

Nat distinctly remembers the pressures of applying to college; he strives to demystify the application process for his students and help them realize their goals. He has grown as a writer/editor in a number of academic contexts— as undergraduate major in Literature, as graduate student in Comparative Literature, and as teaching assistant and assistant instructor in the humanities. Nat also has had previous professional experience helping polish grad school application essays for many students.

Counseling Philosophy:

Nat believes his job as counselor is twofold: firstly, helping the student navigate the complex, somewhat arcane logistics of the college admissions process; and secondly, encouraging the student to think inventively about the image he/she wants to project for the college admissions reader. This second part can be fun and creative — a unique exercise in brainstorming and self-reflection.

Teaching Experience:

Nat has worked as a college-level instructor of courses in a variety of disciplines, including English and Spanish. He has also been a substitute teacher at IDEA Public Schools in Austin.

Teaching Philosophy: 

"I believe in incorporating a student-centered approach into my teaching practice. Instead of the instructor always-lecturing and student always-listening, reversing these roles—and allowing the student to take control—can foster learning in a deeper, more lasting way. No one approach is always right, however, and I believe being able to adapt to each particular moment in the classroom is most important.”

Interesting Fact:

Nat is an avowed cinephile, spending many of his free hours traversing film history looking for movies, new and old, that excite him.