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Stephany Kim
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor


University of California Los Angeles (B.A.Sc in Physiological Science and Russian Language and Literature)

Counseling Experience:

Stephany has counseled students since high school and has provided helpful insight and advice for the application and admissions process. Having applied through two application cycles (undergraduate and medical school), Stephany offers a uniquely personal perspective into the application process. 

Counseling Philosophy:

I love watching students reach their potential and achieve their goals. I can say from personal experience that writing essays and crafting an application about yourself can be hard and difficult, but the application process can be a surprisingly enjoyable journey. I'm excited to work with students and help them find a platform to showcase their unique selves and experiences. 


Teaching Experience:

Stephany has extensive experience working as a private tutor, where she has taught a variety of subjects including math, English, and science courses. Outside of academics, Stephany has taught a diverse group of students in her capacity as a Taekwondo instructor. 


Educational Philosophy: 

"Век живи, век учись." This Russian proverb, which translates to "live a century, learn a century," really encompasses my personal teaching philosophy. I believe that the classroom is a learning environment for everyone, where both the students and the teachers are learners. I hope to learn and develop myself through my students, and I hope my students will learn and develop themselves through me. 


Interesting Fact:

Stephany was a 3-time National US Taekwondo Team member and represented the US at many international competitions!

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