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Dr. Tim A.
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


Pennsylvania State University (Theatre and English - B.A.)

Temple University (History - M.A.)

University of Illinois at Chicago (Media, Technology & Gender - Ph.D - in progress)


Counseling Experience: 

Having taught as a college professor for more than a decade, and having done college prep as well during that time,  Tim is well versed in advising students who are seeking undergraduate and graduate programs. Tim came from the East Coast, where elite institutions abound, and after living in New York and Philadelphia as an adult, he moved to Chicago for his PhD, before coming to Austin. All this travel has given Tim a chance to work at a variety of different schools- small and large, private and public- and in different climates, with diverse student populations. These experiences inform his ability to help students understand the different college cultures and how that translates into the admissions process.

Counseling Philosophy: 

"The college or graduate program that students choose will impact much more than their academic career. This choice is about finding the right place to develop into the person you aspire to be. For this reason, I guide students through the process by focusing on both what they want to achieve, and how they want to achieve it, in order to find the right fit for their interests, their career goals, and their personality." 

Teaching Experience: 

Tim has been teaching college undergrads for over a decade now, mixing his varied academic interests in English, Literature, History, Media Studies, and Communication Theory. These interests represent his own academic history.


Educational Philosophy: 

"Every curriculum I design aims to develop college level reading and writing skills. In my experience I've found that students entering college are often unprepared for the  critical thinking and focused reading that college courses demand. Part of my approach to helping these students  is to show them how to articulate their own ideas, and embrace the experience of reading as an opportunity to respond to the text. I hope to bring these methods to my work at Berkeley2 so that my students here can transition successfully from the high school model to the college model with ease."

Interesting Fact: 

Tim writes plays and have even had some of his work produced on stage. 


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