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Study with top percentile instructors and get your desired test scores.

Want to get high scores to get admitted to your dream college? 

Our test prep programs are designed to help you study smart and efficiently. We offer SAT Test Prep, ACT Test Prep, PSAT prep, AP Exam Prep, and even prep for school entrance exams such as the ISEE and SSAT.


If you are applying to college, you will need to take either SAT or ACT. Having great AP Exams  scores can help you stand out from other applicants!

Join our prep programs to be thoroughly prepared for your official test, and get unlimited access to free practice tests. 


Private secondary school admissions require you take the ISEE or SSAT.  With our 2-in-1 prep program, you will be prepared to impress the admissions officers!

Berkeley’s abundance of resources and dedicated instructors taught me everything I needed to know to ace the SAT. I have no doubt that students who complete Berkeley’s SAT prep will walk into the test more knowledgeable, more confident, and more disciplined."


Received 1590 on the August 2017 SAT

Eliminate Your Weaknesses Immediately!

Want to build stronger foundations or get additional lessons to supplement your school classes? Sign up for tutoring! Your tutor will assess your problem areas and directly address them while creating a safe and positive environment for you to learn in.
You will only study and practice what you and your tutor think is necessary.
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