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Ashna Shah
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
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Rice University (B.A.  in Social Policy and Psychology)

UT Southwestern Medical School

Counseling Experience:

Ashna has helped numerous students through both college applications and medical school applications for the past year. Ashna has also had personal experience as a student within Berkeley2Academy, giving her a unique perspective on the benefits of the program and how to best take advantage of them. From these experiences with the program and mentoring other students through the college application process in the past, she understands how to help students develop a personal, and engaging story that highlights their strengths. As a current medical student, Ashna has gone through medical school applications, giving her a fresh perspective on how to tell unique stories for essays. Ashna can also provide personalized help for students pursuing medical or healthcare careers.

Counseling Philosophy:

"The college admissions process can be challenging and daunting. As a counselor, I believe it’s my job help students discover their passions, and find a personal, compelling way to communicate it. I believe that what makes an essay unique is the way a story is told, and how a students strengths are highlighted within a story. I hope to guide students through the story telling process in an honest and encouraging manner. Overall, my goal is to help students create success stories and be proud of their stories!"


Teaching Experience:

Ashna has been an official tutor for students for a variety of subjects for over three years, such as English, math, and biology. She has also been helping students with their college applications for the past two years.


Educational Philosophy: 

"I believe every student has a unique story to tell, and that the right guidance can help a student discover the right way to tell their story in a way to engages admissions committees. As a counselor, I want to motivate and encourage students to reflect on their strengths and passions and showcase them in their essays."


Interesting Fact:

Ashna has a twin brother! And she also still has one baby tooth. 

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