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Calle Coleman
Head College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


Baylor University (B.A. in English Literature, minor in History)

Counseling Experience: 

Calle has been leading Gateway workshops and guiding numerous seniors craft top quality applications and essays for optimal admission results. She is also an avid English teacher for high school juniors and seniors and has a knack for helping students write beautiful admission essays.


Counseling Philosophy:

Calle believes that colleges don't just want to admit students with good grades, but they are looking for well-rounded individuals who will make effective and world-changing citizens. Luckily, this potential exists in every student. Calle's favorite part about college admissions counseling is showing students that their individual quirks, talents, interests and passions all contribute to their worth as a person, and that who they are is enough to get them to their dream school. 

Teaching Experience:

Calle has had experience tutoring her collegiate peers in grammar, reading comprehension, and writing. She has also enjoyed editing college essays and research papers. She has also worked as an intern at The Art Center of Waco, where she assisted teaching children about art concepts and design principles.

Educational Philosophy:

“I firmly believe that teachers should look at each day as an opportunity to learn themselves. Every student has something to offer to the classroom, and one of the most exciting parts of being an educator is spotting these unique qualities in students and enabling them to take pride in their special talents and abilities. Learning is a two-way street, and the learning process continues and even grows long after graduation.”

Interesting Fact:

Calle was a powerlifter in high school, and she broke the school’s record for bench press.

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