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Charles Cahill
Math/Science Instructor


The University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Biochemistry)

Medical School Application in Progress

Teaching Experience: 

Charles has worked as a tutor for three years, helping high school students around Austin with Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus AB/BC, SAT/ACT Math, and AP Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Charles enjoys teaching STEM material as much as he loves learning about it, and he often tries to incorporate the interesting, real-world applications of science and math to give students a broader sense of the subject. 

Educational Philosophy: 

"At a certain age, just knowing how to solve problems or memorizing patterns isn't quite enough. I like to work with students to develop their own sense of intuition about the subjects they are learning and help them keep the bigger picture in mind when they encounter unfamiliar problems. "

Interesting Fact: 

Charles is a classically trained musician that has been playing the bassoon for over 11 years. He even got to tour China with the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra and has performed Scheherazade five different times.

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