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Cheyenne Davis
Assistant Director of College Admissions Counseling
English/Language Arts Instructor
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University of Pennsylvania (B.A. in Psychology, minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, certificate in Spanish)

Counseling Experience:

Cheyenne has been with B2A for several years -- since before the pandemic! -- helping students navigate and conquer admissions through all its changes. Being the Assistant Director of College Admissions Counseling and one of the Head Counselors who manages both the Steps and Gateway programs, Cheyenne has helped students of all majors and academic profiles find creative ways to stand out in their activities and essays. Before B2A, Cheyenne peer counseled in college, being trained on how to resource students with skills to overcome personal and academic challenges on campus.


Counseling Philosophy:

"Students are more than their academics. While their academic achievements highlight their potential to succeed in a university, their personalities and activities are what differentiate them from other applicants. I want to help students showcase their personalities, goals, and genuine reasons for attending each college. I do this by challenging students to reflect deeper about their motivations and suggest creative ways they can enhance their impact in their communities, which Admissions Officers like to see. By creating a plan and setting achievable deadlines, I hope to help my students gain admission at institutions where their potential can continue to grow."

Teaching Experience:

During Cheyenne's time at Penn, she took courses that allowed her to interact with the broader Philadelphia community. Through these courses, she was able to instruct AP Biology labs at West Philadelphia High School and work with Lea Elementary students in an ESL class. While at B2A, Cheyenne teaches various ELA subjects from SAT/ACT test prep, to Humanities, to general English classes and reading/writing skills. She loves to equip students with study and note-taking skills that they will use for life.

Educational Philosophy:

"I see teaching and counseling as a dialogue where students and I communicate our needs and commit ourselves to our goals. With this mindset, students gain an important skill that is transferable beyond the classroom. Maintaining an open dialogue allows students to reflect upon their actions, grow from mistakes, and become better decision makers in the future. My aim is to help students realize they have agency in their lives. No goal is unrealistic when able to ask questions, grow confidence, and face challenges with a little resilience."

Interesting Fact:

Cheyenne loves public art and was able to contribute to the creation of a mural in West Philadelphia and give informal mural tours to her mentees. She's always looking for the next opportunity to paint.

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