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Faiza Rahman
English Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor


University of Texas at Dallas (B.S. in Computer Science)

University of Texas at Dallas (M.A. in Computer Science - Class of 2026)

Teaching Experience: 

In high school as well as throughout college, Faiza worked as a Math tutor, assisting other students. She worked with students K-12 to help them improve in areas they were struggling in, or learn material that was advanced for their current schoolwork. She also helped high school students prepare for their AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and SAT exams. Throughout college, Faiza would also help many of her family and friends prepare for the SAT by teaching them the skills and strategies she learned and found most useful. During her time pursuing her degree in Computer Science, Faiza also frequently tutored other Computer Science students at her university in areas they were struggling on.

Educational Philosophy:

"A good teacher can teach any student. No matter their experience or skill level, as long as you truly pay attention to what your student needs and how they learn best, you can teach anyone anything.”

Interesting Fact:

Faiza was part of her school’s choir for 7 years, from 6th grade until 12th grade! Alongside math and computer science, she also has a passion for music and singing!

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