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Gabby Dong
English Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
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University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Humanities - Class of 2025)


Gabby has tutored High School students for over three years for both Math and English. She has also acted as a special needs tutor for elementary students. As a student at UT, Gabby has mentored students by guiding them through their intro courses and helped them in adjusting to their transition to college. 


"My teaching philosophy revolves around cultivating an environment of patience, confidence, and versatility. I believe in adapting my approach to cater to the diverse learning abilities of every student. Patience is key, as it allows each individual the time to grasp concepts at their own pace, building their confidence. Versatility in teaching methods ensures that I accommodate various learning styles, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where every student can thrive."


Gabby loves to read, anything from romance to thrillers. Her favorite genre is history, so naturally she adores any novel by Agatha Christie.

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