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Jonathan D. Cabrera-Gunther
Math/Science Instructor


  • University of Texas at Austin (class of 2020, Bachelor of Science in Physics, Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, currently pursuing teaching certification at UT to teach high school math and physics)

  • Austin Community College (Associate degree in Mathematics)

Teaching Experience:

I have tutored mathematics and physics for 6 years at Austin Community College. Initially I started tutoring mathematics, then branched outward to tutoring physics.

Educational Philosophy:

“You never stop learning, it's more about learning how to ask the appropriate questions to gain the most out of your life. No matter what your status in society is, you will always be a student yearning for the next secret of the universe to unravel itself before you.

Interesting Fact:

I can do a lot of math in my head, I typically did my math homework in my head before I wrote it down later to turn in. Most of the time whenever I tutored students I would typically already have the answer in my head about a few seconds to a minute after looking at the problem, that or I would have a roadmap on how to solve the problem almost instantly.

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