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Luiza Gruel Budet
College Admissions Counselor

English/Language Arts Instructor
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University of Rochester (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, B.S. & Music Minor)
Brown University (Neuroscience, Ph.D. - In Progress)

Counseling Experience:

At UR, Luiza worked as a Resident Advisor in first-year housing serving as a mentor to students by providing guidance, support, and advice on a range of personal and academic issues. In this position, she spent time counseling students while also providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in college.

Counseling Philosophy:

"As a counselor, I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. I strive to create a space where students feel seen, heard, and valued, regardless of their background, identity, or life experiences. My role as counselor is to help students tap into their own strengths and resources to achieve their goals."

Teaching Experience:

Luiza has worked as a tutor and team leader for tutors during her time at UR for a literacy enrichment program for kindergarten through 4th grade city school students in Rochester, NY. As a tutor, Luiza underwent extensive training to teach kids literacy, math, science, and social skills and completed a Teaching and Tutoring Strategies course on effective tutoring strategies. Additionally, she has experience as a camp counselor teaching yoga, graphic design, and Python coding.

Educational Philosophy:

 "My teaching philosophy is centered around the idea that all students can learn and succeed, regardless of their background or ability. I believe that every student has unique talents and strengths, and it's my job to help them discover and cultivate these qualities. By emphasizing effort over innate ability, and encouraging students to learn from mistakes and failures, I aim to help students develop resilience, persistence, and a love of learning."

Interesting Fact:

As an avid dancer, Luiza joined University of Rochester’s Bhangra competitive dance team during her time at UR. Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originating in Punjab, India. She even got to be a Captain of the team after only having been dancing this style for two years!

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