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Luke Jandrain
English/Language Arts Instructor
Luke Jandrain Headshot.jpg


Columbia University ( European History, Politics and Society); 

Trinity University (B.A. in History)

Teaching Experience:

In college, Luke received a minor in education, where he learned to write and teach lesson plans. After college, he spent a year working for the Texas State Capitol as a tour guide where he educated visiting students as well tourists from all over the world about the history of Texas and the architecture of the building. While a grad student, Luke worked for a company that prepared adult students for a high school equivalency exam. He taught math and reading/writing to those students. He spent a year working as a guest educator for Round Rock ISD.

Educational Philosophy:

“The why – what is the larger point of what we are learning – should be the core of teaching any subject. In my experience, the best teachers are those who can best articulate that core and trust their students to investigate it. The teacher’s job is not really to relay information. Rather, it is to catch the interest of their students and allow them to discover the information for themselves.”

Interesting Fact:

In college, Luke worked in a theatre, setting up lights for the shows. So along with history and literature, he has a surprisingly good knowledge of theatrical lighting equipment!

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