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Megan Morris
Math/Science Instructor
Megan Morris photo.jpg


University of California, Berkeley (Applied Mathematics, French, Political Science, B.A.)

Teaching Experience:

Megan has spent the past year living in France teaching English to 7 classes of elementary schoolers. At UC Berkeley, Megan split her time privately tutoring mathematics, volunteering as an academic aid in local elementary schools and leading study groups for Political Science students at Berkeley. In her study groups, Megan would lead university students through the complexities of using coding languages such as Python to answer questions regarding politics using a statistical perspective. In high school Megan was the president of her high school's Mathletes program where she helped her fellow students regularly prepare for math competitions.

Educational Philosophy:

Most students can memorize a formula or algorithm to solve a problem. What helps a student stand apart is their ability to dive deep into fundamental concepts and to apply these concepts in new and unobvious ways. With a meaningful understanding of foundational concepts, students are set up for success even as the difficulty of problems increases. Understand your why and the how will follow both in math and in life.

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