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Nathan Deolloz
Math/Science Instructor


UT Austin (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Class of 2025)
Austin Community College (A.S. in Computer Science)

Teaching Experience:

Nathan has been tutoring and teaching since high school. He initially tutored classmates and friends at ACC, and began doing so professionally at UT. He also worked as a Learning Assistant for the UT Mathematics Department, helping to teach Calculus 2 and 3. His primary subjects are math, physics, and computer science.

Teaching Philosophy: 

"Everyone has their own personal learning style, and it's important as an educator to be able to adapt to that. It's important for a teacher's approach to allow for identifying a student's weak points and creating a strong foundation in whatever the concept may be. Above all though, it's important to have fun and practice a lot!"

Interesting Fact:

Nathan is an avid motorcyclist and likes to fix and ride classic Japanese bikes.

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