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Raelynn Gosse
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Raelynn Gosse.jpg


The University of Texas at Austin (English Ph.D)
Arizona State University (English, B.A. with Honors & Minor in Communication with a Philosophy, Rhetoric, & Literature Certificate


Counseling Experience:

Raelynn has worked as a B2A Gateway Counselor for the past four years and a Head Counselor for three. Before that, she was an undergraduate advisor for students in ASU's Barrett, the Honors College, helping incoming freshmen successfully transition to the rigors of college life and academics. As an Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Graduate Mentor at UT Austin, Raelynn continued to work on an individual basis with advanced college students pursuing opportunities in higher education and competitive scholarships, internships, and fellowships in the humanities. 


Counseling Philosophy:

"Helping students craft a thoughtful, introspective, and compelling application is a difficult and incredibly rewarding task that demands the utmost care. The genre of the admissions essay poses a new challenge to many students, and I seek to cultivate learning opportunities that go beyond the application process and well into students' collegiate careers. When students can successfully envision and articulate their personal narrative—understanding what makes them unique candidates with singular abilities and experiences—I know that my work is done and they are well-prepared for every future success."

Teaching Experience:

Raelynn first served as a Barrett Honors Teaching Assistant during her time at ASU and continued to cultivate her passion for teaching and mentoring while at UT Austin and beyond. Raelynn has over seven years of experience teaching British and Transatlantic Literature, American literature, visual media, college composition and writing, rhetoric and argumentation, and analytical close reading skills. She enjoys developing creative, student-led activities that foster critical thinking and open discussion.


Educational Philosophy:

“I have always found learning to be a source of limitless reward, and it is my goal to inspire and develop that passion within the students I work with. As a counselor, I actively work to foster a collaborative learning environment that encourages creativity and builds toward student-centered confidence and student-driven success.” 


Interesting Fact:

Raelynn enjoys hiking with her puppy, Spud, trying out new restaurants, puzzles, DIY projects, and watching horror films.

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