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Plano, TX

Every year, we produce several perfect scores on the SAT and the ACT. We make bad scores good and good scores better. 

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Expert Guidance

Our instructors pinpoint and teach exactly what students need to know to score higher.

Real Results

 Improve on average 200-400 points on the SAT and 4-5 points on the ACT after completing our programs.

Regular Feedback

Test Strategy

Unlimited Practice

Receive individualized analysis and feedback on a regular basis.

Review all content areas and focus on effective test-taking techniques and strategies.

Have access to unlimited free SAT/ACT practice tests during and after enrollment.

SAT/ACT Prep Programs

Long-term, in-depth preparation.
Designed for students who would like a complete and thorough coverage of all the contents and strategies to yield maximum score improvements on the SAT or the ACT.
Offered during:
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
- Once a week for 4 hours for an entire semester.
- Each class consists of lecture, practice problem solving, a quiz, homework review, and exam review.
Practice Material:
- Required to take 1 diagnostic test on their own time each week.
- In-class proctored exam will be conducted every 4 weeks.
Last minute boost!
Perfect for students who have less than 2 months to prepare for their test! Classes are designed for students looking for a quick, intensive prep to take the SAT or the ACT in the near future.
Offered during:
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
- Once a week for 6.5 hours for 6 weeks.
- Receive a comprehensive review of the exam content, learn test-taking strategies, and solve plenty of practice problems.
Practice Material:
- 2 proctored diagnostic tests with exam review sessions afterward.
Utilize your school breaks!
This is some serious test prep and our most popular program. It delivers the best results.
Offered during:
Summer Break
Spring Break
Winter Break
- During summer break, meets twice a week, 2 hours per class.
- During spring and winter breaks, meets for 1.5 hours daily for 6-8 days.
Practice Material:
- Summer Break: In-class proctored tests once every week
-Spring or Winter Break: In-class proctored exam on the last day of the program

SAT Subject Test Prep Programs


SAT Math I & II


SAT Chemistry
SAT Physics
SAT Biology (E/M)


SAT Literature


SAT World History
SAT US History
Long-term, in-depth preparation.