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Get your own mentor and plan your high school years with great guidance.

The Steps Program is a college admission counseling program that will help you get a head-start on planning for college admissions. Work with your own counselor and make the right decisions at the right time. 

See the Berkeley Package for Steps Program + Gateway Program bundle for 9-12th graders!

Benefits of the

Steps Program


1:1 Counseling

Work with your own college admissions counselor

Internship Placements

Receive help in getting into high school internships

Course Selection

Optimize your high school courses for college admissions

Extracurricular Selection

Get advice on which activities will develop your talents

GPA Management

Learn how to better manage your time and GPA

Career Test

Find which careers best suit your personality and interests

Personalize your high school career.

"What classes should I take next year?"

"What volunteering activity should I do to get into this college?"

"Should I take the SAT or the ACT?"

"What should I do this summer?"

Your personal counselor will be there by your side, helping you through making these choices.

Develop a unique admissions profile.

Your counselor will help you develop your interests and passions, build a strong extracurricular list, and create a stellar admissions profile. When the time comes to apply for college, the admissions officers will be impressed.

Get started today.

Steps program for each year, 9-11th grade. Join at any time!

During 9th grade, learn how to create a solid academic foundation and how to approach high school.

During 10th grade, find out what classes you should take, plan for college admissions test prep, summer activities, and more!

During 11th grade, prepare for the upcoming admissions process. This is your most critical year so don't face it alone.

Structure of the Steps Program

Monthly Meetings

Students meet their counselor twice per month during school year (Sept-May)


Flexible Meetings

The monthly meetings will be conducted through Zoom


Monthly Workshops

Students attend workshops once a month to cover useful topics and complete their assigned work

Join Anytime

Students can join in the middle of the school year

Gloria Su

Admitted to:
Harvard, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell & Brown University

Berkeley2 Academy has the wealth of resource. Through a little push, I increased my SAT scores allowing me to have a greater change in being admitted to the Ivies. the counselors also helped me to be productive and to be on tops of things, which was really helpful.

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