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Tsion Teffera
English Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor


University of Texas at Austin (B.S. in Public Health)

Teaching Experience:

Starting as early as high school, Tsion spent her summers and Sundays serving a volunteer instructor for in-need youth at her local church. Here, she learned the true value of collaborative learning, where people use their unique individual strengths to strengthen each other. This translated into her own studies as well. She also became the go-to in her (very large) family for test prep or homework help and was always the first to initiate study groups in her more difficult classes. Learning through leadership is what propelled her up to the top 7% of her high school class and allowed her to receive a full ride scholarship to the top university in the state. Now, in her gap years before medical school, she hopes to use her versatile skills to aid more students in building an evidence-based and well-rounded mental toolkit that helps them achieve their unique goals.

Educational Philosophy:

"From working with such a diverse group of young minds, it's clear to me that people can learn and succeed in many different ways. I believe that the key to academic excellence is not just finding the right answers every time, but also taking initiative in your own learning process and remaining open-minded, adaptive in methodology. My goal is to introduce students to the most effective evidence-based educational strategies and motivate students to actively take charge of their own education."

Interesting Fact:

Tsion has a diverse range of hobbies outside of her studies, including both kickboxing and yoga, which she has practiced for the past 6 years.

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