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Xzavier Seto
English Language Arts Instructor
ath/Science Instructor
Xzavier Seto_Headshot.jpg


Columbia University (B.S. in Applied Physics, minors in Applied Math and Operations Research)

Columbia University (M.S. in Operations Research - In Progress) 

Teaching Experience:

As a sophomore, I spent a semester teaching a Microsoft Office class for Community Impact, a community service nonprofit affiliated with Columbia University, targeted towards adult learners. The following year, I was a TA for an introductory physics course, mainly grading and helping students with their homework.

Educational Philosophy:

"Most, if not all, topics can be broken down and presented in a way that is digestible to any earnest student. My job as a teacher is to determine the best way of doing this and recognize that successful strategies may differ from person to person."

Interesting Fact:

 Xzavier is looking for a reason to justify the purchase of a motorcycle.

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